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Hunan - Reforma
Hunan - San Ángel
Hunan - Artz
Guadiana - San Ángel
Guadiana - Satélite
Costa Guadiana
Nueve Nueve
Prosecco- Santa fe
Prosecco- Polanco
Sylvestre- Polanco
Sylvestre- Santa Fe
Nobu- Arcos Bosques
Nobu- Polanco
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In accordance with the provisions of the existing Federal law of protection of personal data in the possession of private individuals (LFPDPPP) and the guidelines marked on article 16 of the same, GH restaurant operator, with address in Pedro Luis Ogazón 102, col. Guadalupe Inn, of the. Alvaro Obregon C.P. 1020, makes available to your disposal this notice of privacy with which it guarantees customers the right and limited use of the personal information that is exchanged between you as holder of that data and us.

The information we collect is only used for the purposes of service that correspond to a restaurant company, whether it refers to reservations, hiring of banquets, invoicing, job applications, invitations to special events and with the purpose of improving the quality of our services. Information that may be requested for the purposes mentioned above includes the name and surname of the holder, address, your cellphone or home number and your email address, which are collected via telephone, electronic or written. The areas responsible for their management are reservations and administration. The staff who collects these data is informed of these legal provisions, and educated for the monitoring and safeguarding of their proper use. Grupo Hunan implements the necessary safety measures to prevent loss, alteration, disclosure, or misuse of the data.

The holder of the information is in full power to exercise their rights to access, rectification, cancellation or opposition (ARCO rights), if case of revoking consent, or in case of been used in any improper way, in accordance with the expressed in chapter three of the law. If you wish to revoke your consent to the processing of your data, you must present a document in writing which shall contain at least the following information: name and address; a document that verifies their identity or, if applicable, their legal representation; the clear and precise description of personal data whose use wishes to revoke; the express manifestation to revoke your consent and suspend the processing of their data and, finally, some additional element that will help to locate your information. You can physically present these papers at Pedro Luis Ogazón 102, col. Guadalupe Inn, of the. Alvaro Obregon C.P. 1020, or send it via email to

To exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, in accordance with chapters three and four of the Law (in particular, articles 28-34), you must send a request in writing to the address or the e-mail provided in the preceding paragraph. This document shall contain at least: name and address, a document to verify the identity of the applicant or his legal representation, the express manifestation of the rights that you want to exercise over the treatment of the personal data and any other element that facilitates their localization. To proceed with the process, we will send you a form that you must properly fill out so that we can provide the corresponding folio, which prompted by email or through the contact option on our web page,

In no case, will Grupo Hunan make other use of the personal data of customers that are not referrals or transfer to third parties of them, except the express consent of the owner and the exceptions set out in article 37 of the law.

More than a restaurant, it's a dining experience

Grupo Hunan will be considered the reference point in the fine dining restaurant segment in Mexico City. We aim to be a landmark of excellence regarding quality, customer satisfaction, profitability, permanence and long term relationships with our business partners.

Grupo Hunan is a restaurant group founded in Mexico City that goes beyond food service. It’s about the pleasure of enjoying a different experience where good taste and quality service are the main standards. 

Our service goes beyond customer expectations as a result of the ethic, honesty, respect, discipline, loyalty, commitment, responsibility, effectiveness and dedication that define every person of our team.
our story

In 1993, Grupo Hunan opened its doors for the first time with a concept never seen before in Mexico City: Hunan, the first Chinese restaurant. As a result of Hunan’s prompt success and many years of hard work, GH came to open several restaurants in the fine dining chain segment. From the beginning, its main focus has been to create a state of mind on every visit, by producing a unique atmosphere that you will only find here. Due to the dedication of the Founder and Chairman, Pepe Cuaik, and his creative team of partners and employees, GH already owns, licenses or manages 23 restaurants in Mexico City and 1 in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California.

culinary experience

Grupo Hunan’s main focus is to provide a truly memorable experience that celebrates the diversity of our extraordinary dishes cooked with imagination and passion by our professional staff, who will guide you through the most pleasant dining experience.


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